Comprehensive HIPAA-compliant services for solo and small healthcare organizations to help enhance the patient experience to maximize word-of-mouth referrals, achieve peace of mind and reduce expenses
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The Entrespace Group launched OfficeFLO™ services with a specific purpose: to help solo and small practices and healthcare organizations to stay independent, to succeed economically, to improve the end-to-end doctor/healthcare provider and patient experience.

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What Do We Offer
Whom We Serve

We specialize in serving small healthcare practices with a single provider as well as organizations with up to 50 providers. Our services and solutions are already prepackaged and optimized for solo and small size organizations.

To discuss a custom service or solution for medium or larger healthcare organizations, please contact

Our Technology Partners
G-Suite By Google Cloud

G-Suite by Google Cloud

HIPAA Compliant Services for Email, Instant Messaging, Online Forms, File Sync & Share, Backup & Sync, Mobile-Device-Management & more

Microsoft Office 365 Services

Microsoft Office 365 services

HIPAA-Compliant Productivity Software-as-a-Service Cloud Platform, including desktop software for Microsoft Office

Secure Email By Virtru

Secure Email by Virtru

Works with existing G-Suite and Microsoft Email services.

No additional password is required!


HIPAA Secure Text Messaging App for Healthcare

HP Laptops And Desktops

HP Laptops and Desktops

Lenovo Thinkpads & ThinkCentre

Lenovo Thinkpads & ThinkCentre

Endpoint Protection By McAfee

Endpoint Protection by McAfee

Backup & Data Protection Solutions

Backup & Data Protection Solutions

Achieve Peace of Mind

Protect Assets

Asset protection against lawsuits & fines (e.g., HIPAA fines, or fines by regulating state and federal agencies)

Protect Owners & Staff

 Protection against criminal charges (e.g., criminal charges due to violation of HIPAA or other regulations)


Work Worry Free

No more getting overwhelmed with back-office responsibilities, managing compliance activities and paperwork, payroll, taxes, etc.

Free up to focus on the day job leveraging the core skills and expertise

Maintain Good Standing

Maintaining good standing status with state and federal agencies

Maintaining strong D&B rating

Increase Income

Improve Marketing Presence

Expand Awareness

Demonstrate Credibility

Improve Patient Experience & Your Competitiveness

Free patients from frustrating and tedious paperwork

Improve communication with patients

Maximize word-of-mouth referrals


Reduce Expenses

Reduce Admin & Management Overhead

Reduced amount of effort required for front and back office activities

The effort to respond to an audit is minimal

The effort to maintain the compliance records is minimal


Reduce Taxes

Working with our Accounting partners, we will help to optimize the business design and structure of your practice to maximize tax savings