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OfficeFLO® by Entrespace®

Helping companies attract more clients

We provide business design innovation consulting services to help you better differentiate your company!
Grow Your Business

Attract new clients
Grow word-of-mouth referrals
Develop stronger relationships with your clients
Generate positive online reviews

We will help and guide you through our three-step process:

STEP 1. Upgrade Your Company's Image and Client Experience

Great company image and client experience can make a huge difference

Boost the image of how your company and your brand are perceived

Improve how your clients feel about your company

STEP 2. Develop a Powerful Story

The most important story is the one your clients can tell about your company

Leverage your great Client Experience to define an emotional story about how your business touches your clients for your social posts and your ads


STEP 3. Execute a Marketing Campaign

Leverage the best social media technologies

Select only clients you want to target

Deliver the powerful story about your company

Industries We Work With
Our Technology Partners
G-Suite By Google Cloud
G-Suite by Google Cloud

HIPAA Compliant Services for Email, Instant Messaging, Online Forms, File Sync & Share, Backup & Sync, Mobile-Device-Management & more

Microsoft Office 365 Services
Microsoft Office 365 services

HIPAA-Compliant Productivity Software-as-a-Service Cloud Platform, including desktop software for Microsoft Office

Invoicing And Payments
Invoicing and Payments

HIPAA-compliant solution for invoicing, payments and point of sale. A mobile app and readers to accept online and in person card transactions – contactless, chip and magstripe

Secure Email By Virtru
Secure Email by Virtru

Works with existing G-Suite and Microsoft Email services.

No additional password is required!


HIPAA-Compliant Secure Text Messaging App for Healthcare. User-friendly native apps for iOS and Android mobile devices, Windows and Mac computers

State-of-Art Telephony
State-of-Art Telephony

High-definition ‘HD’ voice for crystal-clear calls

Endpoint Protection By McAfee
Endpoint Protection by McAfee
Lenovo Thinkpads & ThinkCentre
Lenovo Thinkpads & ThinkCentre
Backup & Data Protection Solutions
Backup & Data Protection Solutions
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