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HIPAA-Compliant Instant Feedback

Would you rather wait to find out if something works really well (to hear praises real-time) or find out that something is broken right away (before your patients opt to switch away from your practice, often without a likely chance to ever come back)?

Is relying on surveys still the best strategy? Maybe not always!

Things happen.  If your patients or their referring doctors experience issues, for example, with your front desk team, or with a billing department, being able to send a message (e.g., to a hotline number or through your website) and be confident that their feedback would be dealt with timely, they would more likely give your practice another chance, especially if the issue can be promptly addressed

To contact the right person sometimes is not trivial

  • If there is an issue with a front desk team, contacting a Provider or Partner may not be that easy
  • If there is an issue with a billing department, to continue calling the same team while expecting a different result may not be optimal. Whom a patient can escalate it to?
  • Using the standard ‘Contact Us’ form is not suitable, as it’s not clear who will receive the message
Feedback Hotline via SMS, Phone or Email (non-PHI)

For non-clinical issues (e.g., business, administrative, staff, billing, payment, etc.) that do not include Protected Health Information (PHI), we provide a number for patients and referring doctors to send text messages and an email address to provide their positive or negative feedback that will be promptly responded to

Clinical (PHI) Feedback via EntreUpload® Form

For clinical issues, we offer an easy-to-use, convenient, secure HIPAA-Compliant form for patients and referring doctors to share their comments and/or files (e.g., pictures/images/test results) with their Provider directly – providing a peace of mind that their message is promptly received by the right person

Why would this work better?
  • Not every patient or referring doctor will want to make a phone call
  • Texting, uploading a file or sending a message through a website – generally takes less effort, less energy and would make it less involved, less emotionally taxing for most patients and referring doctors
  • Even if your front desk receives a call with a feedback, it may not get properly documented and as a result it will not get properly tracked and analyzed as it would in case of documented messages with proper data protection, archiving, aggregation, distribution, tracking and dissemination
  • It’s a good practice to separate clinical issues and administrative business issues
    • For a clinical issue, a patient would probably need to contact their Provider directly
    • For a non-clinical issue, e.g., problems with websites, office processes, appointments, billing errors, a patient would need to contact an office manager or a partner/provider in charge
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