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IT Security & Data Protection

for Healthcare Organizations

Each of the IT components and services used by a covered entity is required to meet stringent HIPAA security and privacy requirements.

In addition, the covered entity must setup a HIPAA-compliant Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with each of the IT vendors and software providers. All our IT Services are HIPAA-compliant by design, and come with a fully validated BAA. 

IT Security & Data Protection

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Do you backup your data manually, and keep track of the external storage devices where the backed-up data is maintained?

We offer a highly secure, fully HIPAA-compliant automated backup service that copies your PHI data and all the data that must be retained to meet the compliance requirements on ongoing basis

The data is stored offsite in a secure datacenter

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Protect your network from a wide range of malicious activities.

Instantly Detect and Prevent Vulnerability Exploits. Instantly and proactively identify and defend against suspicious network traffic using high-performance, deep-packet inspection across all ports and protocols

Provide around-the-clock defense against malicious activity designed to compromise and damage your organization. For example, if an IP address is identified as the source of an attack, it can be automatically blocked to prevent further threats from attempting to enter your network

Malware Protection

Protect your servers and workstations from a wide range of malicious software, computer viruses, worms, Trojans, and other threats that can steal your critical data

Ensure that only legitimate traffic is allowed through the desktop firewall

Instantly Detect and Prevent Vulnerability Exploits: instantly and proactively identify and defend against viruses and malware

Protects your devices from external threats (e.g., hackers)

Automated Audit Reports & Log Records

In order to comply with HIPAA requirements, we’ve automated tracking of usage activities, capturing details such as user IDs, time stamps and types of activities
The aggregated usage activities reports are automatically stored and retained for 6 years and include the following data:
  • Login activity & results
  • Email activity
  • Logs of files access and modifications
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