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Optimizing Patient Experience (PX)
for Healthcare Organizations

Great Patient Experience (PX) can make an important difference for your organization. It can help

  • Attract new patients through word-of-mouth
  • Increase patient loyalty
  • Improve patient satisfaction

Our services can help you achieve these benefits by optimizing experience before and after the patient appointment

Before the Appointment

  • Referrals from other specialists
  • Selection of healthcare providers
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Keeping track of the appointments
  • Preparing and providing patient records
  • Filling out patient forms
  • Handling preliminary inquiries & questions
  • Waiting room experience

After the Appointment

  • Scheduling follow-up appointments
  • Keeping track of the appointments
  • Taking care of Rx & refills
  • Treatment & follow up questions
  • Billing Statements
  • Payments
  • Keeping track of the receipts (e.g., for tax purposes)

Each of the services used by a covered entity with access to patient Protected Health Information (PHI) is required to meet stringent HIPAA security and privacy requirements.

In addition, the covered entity must setup a HIPAA-compliant Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with each of the vendors and software providers.

Our services are HIPAA-compliant by design, and come with a fully validated BAA.

Pre-Packaged Services


HIPAA-Compliant Online Forms and Secure EntreUpload® of Patient Files

$1,080/year ($90/month) per Practice/Provider

Have an existing website already?

No problem. We will help to integrate the new online forms and information about new HIPAA-compliant email and texting into your existing website, or create and provide a new website for your organization at no additional cost.

HIPAA-Compliant Phone Service, Guest WiFI & Network Traffic Prioritization
$300/year ($25/month) per Extension, plus One-Time Setup/Equipment Charges and Annual Support Fees
HIPAA-Compliant Phone Service
  • High Definition Speech Technology for Crystal-Clear Conversations
  • Full-Duplex Speakerphone with Built-In Class D Amplifier and Audio Equalizer
  • Large Vivid Color Display – User Configured Themes and Multi-Dimensional Navigation with Top-Anchored Time and Date
  • Up to 4 concurrent calls
  • Gigabit Ethernet with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Integrated WiFi Connectivity
  • Auto-Attendant with customized call routing for business and after hours schedule
  • Voicemail and call history available on a secure HIPAA-Compliant website
  • Voicemail notifications delivered via email and/or texting
  • Voicemail messages delivered via email
  • Native apps for iOS and Android devices
Network Traffic Prioritization
  • Guest Wi-Fi Network securely isolated from the Office Data and Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) traffic
  • Guest Wi-Fi traffic configured with a bandwidth cap and prioritized to minimize impact on the office network activities
  • Office Data network (e.g., email, web, file sync & backup) prioritized not to interfere with VOIP traffic
  • VOIP Network isolated from Office data network to minimize interference
  • VOIP traffic prioritized to ensure high quality crystal clear conversations


HIPAA-Compliant Email, Texting, File Sync & Share

$360/year ($30/month) per User ID

HIPAA-Compliant Data Protection & Sharing
  • Unlimited file backup to the cloud
  • File sync & share
Have an existing Internet domain already?

No problem. We will help to configure email services to work with your existing Internet domain.

Do you need the Entrenotes® service if you have a patient portal?

Most likely you still do…

  • If you use a fax machine to receive patient records or referrals from other healthcare providers
  • If your patients have to fill out their forms on paper
  • If referring doctors or your patients have to provide their patient records on a CD/DVD, or a memory stick/card
  • If your office uses unprotected (non-HIPAA-compliant) email or regular SMS/texting for sending/receiving patient health information
  • If your patients receive their billing statements in USPS envelopes or they mail their checks to make payments

The Entrenotes® capabilities such as secure emailtexting/instant messaging, and EntreUpload® will be valuable

  • For those who are not likely to have access to your portal, such as new patients and their healthcare providers, including referral doctors
  • For those who prefer to use alternate means of communications that are more convenient for other reasons. For example, if patients prefer using native apps on mobile devices (as opposed to logging into desktop websites on mobile devices), or
  • If the existing patient portal does not offer similar capabilities. For example, if the existing patient portal does not allow patients to upload their files or health records, or to fill out patient forms online

Online Forms

Patients do not like to manually fill out forms on paper, having to enter the same information (names, address, date of birth, phone numbers) over and over again

If patient information is handwritten on a paper form, then the staff has to transcribe and enter the data manually into relevant systems. This can potentially introduce human errors and inaccuracy

We offer capabilities for patients, or their authorized representatives, to enter their data online

  • Securely (to make sure that the patient data is adequately protected in transmission and at rest when it’s stored)
  • Only once, or only when changes are required
  • On any device of their choice such as a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer

Entering patient data in advance will enable the healthcare providers and staff to review it ahead of time to prepare better, instead of having to read, analyze and assess the data provided by the patient at the time of the appointment


Secure form for uploading notes, patient records, and files

Sending and receiving patient records by fax is not fun. Trying to read and make sense of the content sent by fax can be frustrating due to poor readability.

Receiving patient files via unprotected, insecure e-mail can be risky since any unprotected e-mail might be intercepted by a third party. This could cause a breach of Protected Health Information (PHI) requiring notification of federal and state authorities and the impacted individuals, etc.

Accurately deciphering hand-written prescriptions or instructions provided by doctors may sometimes be challenging for patients as well.

Imagine if any patient, or their doctor/healthcare provider could upload their instructions, prescriptions and records (images, files with medical history or test results)

  • Directly through your website
  • From any device (smartphone, tablet, computer)
  • With peace of mind knowing that all the content is properly secured and instantly delivered


HIPAA-Compliant Email

  • Is your current email encrypted? 
  • Does it fully meet HIPAA requirements?
  • Do your patients need to setup and remember an additional user ID and password to exchange protected/encrypted emails with your office?
  • Do they need to access your email messages on a different website? 
  • Can they access your messages securely and conveniently on any device, including a smartphone or a tablet?
  • Do your patients need to be invited to be able to send you secure e-mails?

We offer an e-mail service that supports military grade encryption fully meeting HIPAA requirements: 

  • Your patients can enable their existing email addresses to send and receive encrypted e-mails without needing to be invited
  • No additional passwords are required
  • The encrypted e-mail can be accessed on any device. There are mobile apps available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

HIPAA-Compliant Secure Texting

Can your patients or their health care providers send you secure text messages?
Can you send secure text messages to your patients or their health care providers?
If so, 

  • Is your current text messaging service encrypted? 
  • Does it fully meet HIPAA requirements?
  • Does is allow sending and receiving messages on any platform, including a desktop (Windows/Mac), as well as common mobile devices?
  • Does it allow sending messages to patients and any other 3rd party (e.g., other healthcare providers)? 
  • Does it allow sending and receiving documents, images and files, signing documents, or sending copies of photo IDs (e.g., driver license)?
  • Does it allow initiating contact via SMS?
  • Do patients have to be explicitly invited by the office to be able to send a message to the doctor, healthcare provider or staff?
  • Can new & prospective patients send a text message to your office?  

We offer a secure text messaging service that supports military grade encryption fully meeting HIPAA requirements: 

  • Your prospective and existing patients can send and receive encrypted messages without needing to be invited
  • The health care providers of your patients can send and receive encrypted messages to your office – to share their notes and patient records in real-time
  • The encrypted messages can be accessed on any device. There are mobile apps available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as apps for Windows or Mac computers
  • Text messaging is provided to the patients and other 3rd parties at no additional cost

HIPAA-Compliant Fax

Are you still relying on fax machines?

We offer convenient and HIPAA-compliant secure capabilities with powerful encryption to receive records from patients and other providers through a website (see Secure EntreUpload®) as well as capabilities to send records via secure Email or Secure Messaging.

However when sending and receiving records electronically via website, email or text is not possible for whatever reason (e.g., if a recipient only provides a fax number), you can still use a secure digital fax service which allows you to

  • Send HIPAA-compliant, secure faxes from your email account or web portal
  • Receive faxes to your email account, and access them on the web portal

Online Payments

Your office can securely send invoices and patient statements electronically using HIPAA-compliant email or through HIPAA-compliant Square invoicing capability 

Your patients can make secure payments online using a HIPAA-Compliant payment service provided by Square

  • From any iOS or Android mobile device (a mobile phone, a tablet) or a desktop computer
  • Instantly, any time, anywhere
  • Using their credit or debit card, bank account or a Square Cash account

Square will not require your office to complete a PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire, to self-validate, or to perform quarterly scans since Square’s hardware and software complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)


Your website provides a window into your practice and needs to serve the following purposes:
  • Marketing presence (content and messages that you’d like the general public to know about your practice)
  • Useful information that existing and future patients need to know about you, your staff and your practice (e.g., contact info, location info, etc.)
  • Capabilities for patients to securely fill out their forms, and securely upload their files and documents (instead of patients having to fill out the forms on paper, or send files and documents using unprotected, insecure e-mail)
  • Capabilities for 3rd parties (peer specialists, health labs) to securely send and upload their instructions and documents/files for your patients (instead of having to send their patient info by fax, or via unprotected, insecure e-mail)

Who owns your existing website?

Is it your IT provider or your practice?

Can you walk away and keep all your website design and content, and transfer it to another provider at any time, or decide to manage it in-house yourself?

Our service guarantee: you will be able to transfer your website to another provider at any time. We will grant you an irrevocable, nonexclusive, paid-up license to use, execute, reproduce, display, perform and distribute within your company copies of the website content that we create for you.

Is your website integrated with key online services?

  • Google My Business
    • Is your website showing up in searches on Google Maps?
    • Can visitors see your office hours in Google Maps?
    • Can they click for directions or call your office from Google Maps window?
    • Is it easy for your patients submit a Google Review?
    • Do you receive monthly reports about your office showing up in Google Maps or Google searches, e.g.: how many times
      • your listing was found in searches for a category or service
      • somebody requested directions to your office
      • visited your website
      • called your office?
  • Google Analytics
    • Can you see what pages are most frequently visited, or how many new visitors?
  • Facebook Pixel

Is your current website:

  • Properly secured?
    Do you see (🔒Secure https://) in your browser?
  • Properly authenticated?
    Do you see your practice name in the browser address bar with a secure lock icon in green, proving the legal entity controlling your web site?
    E.g.,🔒John Doe M.D., PLLC (US)
  • Properly protected against unauthorized use or malware attacks?
  • Backed up on a regular basis?
    So that if it can be restored in minutes if it ever gets corrupted.
  • Monitored on an ongoing basis?
    So if it’s ever down, appropriate contacts would be immediately notified to take necessary action.
  • Mobile device friendly?
    Can it be easily accessed on a smartphone or a tablet?

Can your patients securely fill out their forms online (instead of having to fill them out manually on paper, entering the same information multiple times)?

Can your patients or their doctors/healthcare providers securely upload their medical records directly through your website (instead of having to send them by fax or unsecured e-mail)?

Can your patients do any of the following with just one click right from your website:

  • Call your office?
  • Open their e-mail app with your address prepopulated?
  • Open Google Maps or another GPS/navigation app with directions to your office location?

Our websites are designed to meet stringent HIPAA security and privacy requirements.

All protected health information (PHI) submitted or uploaded through the website, such as patient forms, or patient medical records, is encrypted during the transmission as required. We provide both

  • Public (extranet) websites that can be accessed by any Internet user including patients, as well as
  • Internal use only (intranet) websites that can be accessed by authorized members of your workforce and can be designed to support internal processes and activities for different types of roles
    • Different roles can be set up with different levels of access
    • The intranet websites are highly secure and require 2-factor authentication (user ID, password and additional security codes that can be obtained via SMS message, a smartphone app or a security device)
Mobile device-ready and -friendly

 Patients can act instantly with one click or one push of a button
No need to copy and paste to make a call, to send e-mail or to get the directions to the doctor’s office

Call with a push of a button

The office phone numbers can be dialed on a smartphone directly from the website

Send email right from the website

E-mails can be sent using familiar smartphone e-mail apps

Instant directions with one click

Directions to the office can be displayed in a smartphone app like Google Maps

Guest WiFi

Can your patients access the Internet on their devices while in the waiting room?  Their experience would be better if the answer is yes, especially if their wireless data plans on their mobile devices are limited, or if the 3G/4G signal on their smartphone is not as strong as desired

If you do offer Guest WiFi, is your office properly protected? Both legally and electronically?

What’s important for your Guest WiFi network is that

  • To adequately protect your practice, your patients must explicitly accept the Terms and Conditions before they can use the Guest WiFi network
  • Your Guest Network is properly isolated from your private network, including systems and devices accessing and managing the Protected Health Information (PHI), patient credit card information, and other items requiring a compliant level of security and privacy protection
  • Online activities of your patients within your Guest WiFi network should not negatively impact the Internet bandwidth and normal operation of your systems and applications that depend on Internet connectivity (e-mail, voice-over-IP, fax-over-IP, backup/recovery, malware protection updates, etc.)
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