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Referral Portal

If your healthcare organization is interested to grow referrals from other doctors and specialists, you want to make it as easy and as convenient as possible for them to share records of their patients and notes with you

Sending patient records by Fax or in envelopes is time and labor consuming. Somebody will need to follow up to make sure that all the records were properly received and that they are readable and legible enough. Or it may require re-sending the records multiple times

Imagine if referring doctors and specialists could just upload records of their patients and send their notes and orders securely – directly through your website, without having to setup and remember any user IDs or passwords, without having to follow up and worry about whether the records were received, and whether they are readable enough

In addition, referring doctors and specialists can send you messages and records through a secure texting app

See samples below

Introducing HIPAA-Compliant Secure EntreUpload™

Imagine if referring doctors and specialists could upload their instructions, orders and records (images, files with medical history or test results)

  • Directly through your website
  • From any device (smartphone, tablet, computer)
  • With peace of mind knowing that all the content is properly secured and instantly delivered

HIPAA-Compliant Secure Texting

You can enable referring doctors and specialists to send you and/or your staff patient records, documents, images, files and messages using a secure texting app with military grade encryption fully meeting HIPAA requirements

They could follow simple instructions to download a free app to their mobile device or their computer, and contact your office directly. Or you can invite them to connect with your office via an SMS or email


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